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I bought at aliexpress at the shop "Tagooo Digital Store"

It was so cheap compared to the capacity of 80000mA. I suspected it was too large, but I ordered it with confidence because the product description is so.

Delivery took place in 12 days. It was very fast.

When I opened the box, I was surprised that it was surprisingly light. I ordered two, but one of them won't charge. I tried using 6 different cables, I used the same charger as the one I was charging, and then I tried using a different charger, but it still doesn't charge. One is bad.

Using different charger. Right one is bad.
Using SAME charger

Once I sent a message to the seller.

"I got 2 items today. How fast! Thanks. But one is not good. It could not charged from AC Charger and also could not charge my phone. Another one is good.  How can I return and refund not good one?"

And today, I tested a product that works well. 

However, the battery capacity was too small. After charging one Galaxy S9 (3000mA) and one iRiver speaker (4400mA) in full charge, only one battery measurement light remains. That's weird. So I sent a text message to the seller requesting a full refund and return.

"Another battery is too small to charge the device after being fully charged. With a battery that satisfies one 3000mA smartphone and one speaker 4400mA, it almost runs out of capacity. Please refund both products. What should I do to return?"

The USB current meter measures the current from the one step of the battery measurement light to the full charge, which is only 3.88Ah. 

Is it true that this battery has a capacity of 80000mA?

The seller answer such as below.

"Power bank has two regular standard of capacity , one is the battery capacity, one is the rated capacity. The 10000mah power bank, being labeled 10000mah/3.7v core capacity be converted to rated capacity 6500mah/5v. Why exist this difference? The most important reason is the conversion rate. Because most of power bank's battery voltage is 3.7V, and power bank needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, which making the power bank's conversion efficiency only 3.75/5=74%, Also include generated heat when battery voltage boosting, and various of wire consumption, Electricity and self-consumption. these points add up to account for 30%-40% of the power of the mobile power source.So the 10,000mAh power bank can really be used by us only about 6500mAh. Also, The conversion rate of the entire mobile power industry is basically in the range of 60%-70%. Please kindly noted. Please search on Google if want to know the details

보조베터리 두 개의 일반 표준 용량, 하나는 배터리 용량, 하나는 정격 용량입니다. 10000mah 보조베터리, 레이블되는 10000mah/3.7v 코어 용량은 정격 용량 6500mah/5v로 변환됩니다. 왜이 차이가 존재합니까? 가장 중요한 이유는 전환율입니다. 보조베터리 배터리 전압의 대부분은 3.7V, 그리고 보조베터리 휴대 전화를 충전 하는 경우 5v에 전압을 증가 해야 하기 때문에, 보조베터리 변환 효율을 3.75/5 = 74% 만 만드는 것은 또한 배터리 전압 부스트 및 와이어 소비, 전기 및 자체 소비의 다양한시 생성 된 열을 포함합니다. 이 포인트는 모바일 전원의 전력의 30%-40% 를 고려할 수 있습니다. 그래서 10,000mAh 보조베터리 6500mAh 만 우리에게 실제로 사용할 수 있습니다. 또한, 전체 모바일 전력 산업의 전환율은 기본적으로 60%-70% 범위에 있습니다. 친절하게 주목하십시오. 세부 사항을 알고 싶다면 google을 검색하십시오."

I replied.

"The information was of course that I know. 10000mA/3.7V is same as 6500mA/5.1V. But you sold 80000mA battery. not 10000mA."


8/5 Dispute


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